booking information & availability
at number 61

Bookings are open for 2022

Please be aware that Covid-19 restrictions apply on site and in chalets. 

we don't currently supply any bed linen as mentioned below.

PLease refer to 2022 Guest Information for more information.

Number 61 is available from the end of March/beginning of April, through to the end of October.

You can see our availability calendar & booking enquiry form below.

We are a dog friendly Chalet and happy to accept a couple of dogs free of charge. Please note that small dogs/miniatures may find a way either through the fence or under the chalet itself, it is impossible to guarantee complete confinement – larger dogs may also leap the fence of course. Please get in touch if you have any queries or questions before you book. There are some hooks on the inside of the fencing where you can tether your dog so they don't go for a wander.

We expect the occasional accident and broken cup or plate, all we ask is you let us know so we can plan to replace the item – that way our Chalet is still up to scratch for our next guests. Help us to keep number 61 a lovely place to stay.

If you have any problems with the chalet during your stay please contact the office and they will resolve any issue you may have. We would love to hear from you with any comments you may have about number 61, or Dunster Beach itself. Any suggestions for improvements, in fact anything at all, drop us a line by email or use the form on our contact us page.

As you would guess our busiest time is the school holidays when Dunster Beach can be very busy. So if you prefer quieter times please book outside the main holiday season.


use the email form below to contact us with any queries about number 61