general rules at Dunster Beach

Dunster Beach is home to rare wildlife and fauna, and other visitors use it on occasions too. Please take a moment to read the few general rules we have. Thank you!
  • Speed Limit – The speed limit for the site is 10mph. For the safety of site users please observe the speed limit at all times. 
  • Driving on site – Please be aware that the Road Traffic Act Regulations apply throughout the site. It is not a place to teach children how to drive.
  • Cycling on site – Cycling is not permitted on any of the nature trail routes or encouraged on the grass between the beach front chalets and the foreshore. 
  • Barbecues – There is a designated area situated close to Kiosk and Toilet Block A in the public car park. This is the only area that can be used for barbecues. 
  • Smoking – Smoking is strictly prohibited in any of the chalets.
  • Recycling – There is a recycling centre situated behind the shop where you can deposit any newspapers, bottles, cans and glass. 
  • Refuse Collection – Black sack collection is Saturday mornings (season only), so please help by emptying your chalet of general waste by 10am. Please tie the bag up but leave in the bin outside your chalet. 

Dunster beach Canine code

We want everyone to enjoy their time at Dunster Beach, including our canine friends – please respect our Canine Code.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when walking anywhere through Dunster Beach apart from the sandy foreshore. This includes the nature trail and lake walks.
  • Please keep your dog under control and don't let them disturb other people. Do remember that some humans, adults and children, can be very nervous of dogs.

  • Pick up and bin every time! There are 'poo bins' provided throughout the site, both on the Beach side and around the nature trail and lake walks.

  • Please don't allow your dog to enter the lakes – pretty difficult on a lead! They may become stuck and it could be very difficult to get them back out.

  • Dogs should never be left unattended either inside or outside the chalet.
  • Please be aware that Dunster Beach has its fair share of rabbits. Under chalets is a prime location for them and their burrows. Please don't allow dogs to be free around or between chalets. We don't want any dog to start 'rabbiting' and get stuck!